Vancouver EcoDensity Planning Initiative

Mar 25 •

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On June 10, 2008, Vancouver City Council unanimously voted to adopt the EcoDensity Charter. The EcoDensity Charter commits the City to make environmental sustainability a primary goal in all city planning decisions - in ways that also support housing affordability and livability.

Council also approved a set of EcoDensity Actions. The first two actions to be implemented by the City immediately are:

Rezoning Policy for Greener Buildings:
Applications for new rezoning will need to meet a minimum LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver rating, or similar equivalency in green design. This includes City priorities for energy performance, water efficiency, and storm water use.

Rezoning policy for Greener Larger Sites:
Rezonings on sites of generally two acres or more will need to meet a number of sustainability measures in addition to those required in the Rezoning Policy for Greener Buildings. And for sites with housing, a range of types and tenures must be considered to increase affordable housing opportunities.


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