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is a “multimedia place” which is born to create a “stop area” between the real world and the virtual ,where people and topics could meet and join up each other about Visual Art, Architecture and Design. is the only place where is possible to join in, open a blog, dip into a virtual place on second life and come in an operative community who shares passions and plans to develop and do over again , together.To do it gives you your own place BLOG, your own room in Second Life and your own channel MEDIA TV by which you’ll be able to create topics overseen by experts.

A blog makes anyone having internet connection able to create a web page, where is possible to publish story, information and opinions in complete autonomy.
Each article is generally tied to a “thread”, in which readers can write their comments and leave message to the author.
The blog is a place where people can be (virtually) together and express own personal thinking.
By the blog we meet people living so far but close to our ideas and points of view, with who we can share observation and consideration about several arguments because it never concern one topic only.
Own creativity could be expressed interacting directly with other bloggers.
A blogger is someone who write and manage a blog, so all the blog together are called blogsphere, in which every article is numerate and can be found by a permalink , a link conducting exactly to that article.

Web TV
The Web TV makes users able to watch tv channel on web in streaming.
It’s a real tv only available on internet!
In this case,the main medium is Personal Computer and the interaction with the watcher who is becoming user.
A web TV allows the creation of a personal programming, the cut of downtime, the reproduction no limits of video and audio theme, a better involvement in stories and programs than simple and usual calls to editorial offices.
The main advantage is that anyone will be able to use a connection all around the world without geographical limits or limits about channels and governmental permissions or other.

Second Life
Second Life is a three-D virtual world created in 2003 by the American society Linden Lab.
This system gives its users(called residents) the tools to add and create in the virtual world of Second Life new graphic theme: object, setting , character’s feature, ecc…
The main feature of Second Life is let users enjoy the copyright on their creations.


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