The London Festival of Architecture 2008

Jun 5 •

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The London Festival of Architecture 2008, is a celebration and exploration of the city’s buildings, streets and spaces - with over 600 exhibitions, lectures, public space installations, guided walks, bicycle rides, boat tours, parties, design workshops and debates.

The buzz of activity over the month of the Festival will move across five key ‘Hubs‘, with large-scale public events taking place in a different Hub each weekend.

This massive programme reflects the amazing vitality of London’s architectural scene. The theme of this year’s Festival is Fresh! – we are exhorting visitors to take a fresh look at London, to indulge in fresh thinking, to enjoy the fresh talent on show and the fresh air of the walks and rides.

With the Olympics on the horizon, the Festival celebrates London as a creative hub, a focus for international debate and as a city transformed.

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