Sustainable education for kids – Kinetic electric toys

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“Odo” by Sony is a new generation of toys that takes advantage of child-generated kinetic energy, and which can be used without ever having to be plugged in for a recharge. Products are inspired by children’s imagination & curiousity designed to provide new experiences, a sense of ecological values, environmental issues and energy sources. They are an invitation to enjoy a new level of interaction with devices, having fun moving parts, turning cranks, and using your body to generate energy as you play with them.

Toys are familiar and accessible even to young children. The product body itself is made of recycled or vegetable-based plastic as a commitment to the environment


Crank N’ Capture video camera powered by turning the crank on the side for shooting and playback.

Spin N’ Snap digital camera which you charge up simply by placing your fingers in the two holes (which also double as a viewfinder, there is no LCD screen) and spinning it around a few times

Photo and video viewer which you charge by rolling it back and forth on a table. Like a toy car.

Stereo headphones with built-in FM radio and powered by pulling the cord in the housing. Just pull cord, generate energy and listen to the radio.

Solar battery – stick. To collect sunlight, you should only stick it to a window using the attached suction cups. After charging, fold it up as a portable battery for other “odo” prototypes.

More info: ( don’t forget to watch the video! )



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