Norman Foster x 2: El Desafío de Convivir con el Presente, el Pasado y el Futuro

Jul 28 •

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…”We shape our buildings and they, the buildings, in turn, shape us. As an architect one creates within the physical context of a past culture. But those creations are generated by the realities of today’s culture. However, change is really the only constant. So our buildings have to anticipate the future that we know will be different. Architecture therefore, in the spirit of the first theme of this conference (the situation of culture, past, present and future) has to bridge, indeed it can literally be shaped, by the interaction of our past culture, our present culture and the culture still to come…”
Norman Foster, 1987
Global Architecture Conference, 24 de Septiembre de 1987

"Buildings with complex histories are like cities in miniature. The richness of so many cities stems from the fact that successive generations had the confidence to make their own optimistic stamp. Similarly, the layers of history in a building can often be appreciated more clearly when seen through the lens of the new."
Norman Foster, 2009
Texto incluído en la presentación oficial de la exposición:
“Foster + Partners: Working with History” en el Danish Architecture Centre de Copenhague, abierta hasta el 30 de agosto, por si desean asistir
Seleccionados por el arq. Martín Lisnovsky

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