Interactivos? México’08: Technologies of Laughter

May 12 •

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From August 1 through 16, 2008
Submissions Deadline: June 8

Led by: Zachary Lieberman (USA), Leslie García (Mexico) & Alejandro Tamayo (Colombia)
A maximum of 10 projects will be carried out in a workshop held at the Centro Multimedia (National Arts Centre) from 1 to 16 August 2008. At the end of the workshop, the projects will be exhibited at the Cultural Centre of Spain in Mexico from 16 August to 14 September 2008.

The workshop aims to use open hardware and software tools to create prototypes that explore the relations between machines and humor/laughter. In this sense, the workshop aims to explore questions such as:What mechanisms lead to laughter? And what about its social and political implications? What happens if we understand laughter as a possible form of communication between humans and machines? Can machines have a sense of humor or make us laugh? What kind of narratives/machines can be built to provoke various feelings related to laughter?

Medialab-Prado will cover lodging at a youth hostel and flight expenses for the authors of the selected projects and papers.

More information:

With the collaboration of Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECI)

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