Imitated nature in Tokyo

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The typical characteristic of modern Japanese cities, most evident in Tokyo, is a chaotic, patchwork-like, urban environment filled with high-density residential and commercial areas close to industrial plants. Tokyo is known for hypermodern architecture, skyscrapers and looks like a future city. But how do people actually live in this concrete urbanity?

Given the lack of vast green spaces, Tokyoites are taking action. I have found a nice article about what creative citizens are doing to bring back some of the green in their city. First, reclaim your immediate environment and stuff the sidewalk with flower pots as much as possible. Second, imitate nature to soothe the stressed commuters with a forest of plastic plants, cement trees - or the friendly chirping of an artificial bird.

PingMag shows you the green islands and blossoming places in this most dense populated area. Read it and see more picture here.

In the pictures - Roadside Jungles - Tree Trunks As Lampposts. You start to feel like in a green avenue, until you look up and you see a lamp where the leaves and branches should be.
And Flowerpots, little idylls, in Tokyo’s streets.

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