Floating islands

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Constructed wetlands are commonly used to cleanse water of pollutants. This approach is natural and effective, but very costly in terms of the land required. The innovative system of the Floating Islands represent a concentrated wetland effect with none of the land requirements.

In addition to cleansing the water, Floating Islands provide habitat for fish and other native species above and below the water line. The islands and the plant roots growing through the islands, provide a breeding ground for beneficial microbes which remove greater percentages of contaminants than plants in typical wetland settings.

BioHaven floating islands are buoyant mats, planted like a garden and launched onto a waterway. They are made from a matrix of fibers bonded together with marine foam (polyurethane), which also provides buoyancy as well as adhesion. The matrix is filtration material made from 100% recycled plastic, from drink bottles, which use the most inert plastic available.

Floating islands can be launched into any waterway, be it pond, lake, stream, effluent pond, lagoon, embayment - any waterway will benefit from a floating island, even the ocean.

For more information visit www.floatingislandinternational.com

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