Ecoboulevard in ?a+t magazine?

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New interesting post about “ecobulevar project” in the a+t magazine blog.
We specially appreciate this analysis:

The result is a sustainable stimulator of public life.
The objective of Ecosistema Urbano is to make up for the serious deficiencies of certain forms of uncontrolled planning. Easy to take apart and moved about, these objects can be put up wherever a regeneration of urban activity is in order.

In The Public Chance, these are the layers we extract from the analysis of the project:
Each tree is meant to facilitate a series of leisure and recreation activities.
The wind trees act as main usable areas, though the row of benches goes along the entire boulevard.
Car traffic runs along one of the edges, while the rest is for pedestrians only. The roundabouts separate pedestrians and traffic and are marked with pegs.
The boulevard is lined by blocks of social housing, with almost no commercial space on ground floor.
The importance of the artificial trees, which there will be plants inside, will gradually disappear when the planted trees that run along the boulevard grow. A line of bushes separates parking spaces.

You can read more here.

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