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City Mine(d) is a production house for urban interventions, committed to the development of new forms of urban citizenship, the re-appropriation of public space -roads, airwaves, stations, estates, parks, squares, virtual space- and the creation of cutting edge public artwork. The initially Belgian NGO now has agencies in Brussels, Barcelona and London, which are registered offices of the head office in Brussels.

City Mine(d)’s work has two strands: creating interventions in public spaces and supporting other people or initiatives who have a similar vision of the city. Its goals are to

  • capture the imagination and the diverse creative potential of the city by encouraging cutting edge public artwork
  • re-appropriate public space and make it the arena for social, cultural and artistic encounters; contribute to new forms of urban citizenship by combining the empowering qualities of culture with dynamic alliances and collaborations
  • encourage the propagation of knowledge and experience acquired during development of the urban interventions.

The creation of the work brings together an unusual coalition of partners from the very local to the inter-city. This strategy enables City Mine(d) to tackle barriers to development, and empower different participants to address their concerns regardless of the inequalities that otherwise prevent them from doing so. This way the urban interventions contribute to new forms of urban citizenship.

City Mine(d)’s activities are informed by a deep-rooted belief that cities are the natural habitat for people. In their diversity and density cities are providing a constant flow of people, new ideas and changing opportunities. However, the way a city is structured does not allow equal chances to all. Through its work of creating urban interventions, City Mine(d) aims to alter the way the city is perceived, while at the same time bringing people together across borders of geography, language and culture.

Our work has two strands: creating interventions in public spaces and supporting other people or initiatives who have a similar vision of the city. In both cases we aim to work with representatives of certain distinct groups: up-and-coming artists, urban dwellers and those who regulate city life (in whatever scope). City Mine(d) has developed over 70 urban interventions in European cities, focussing on issues of citizenship, democracy and urban regeneration. We create projects with and for the people who use the city for their work, to play or in their daily life.

City Mine(d)’s innovative way of intervening in the urban fabric has received international recognition, has been the subject of a number of doctoral theses and press articles, and has been mentioned in various publications.

City Mine(d) is a non-profit organisation established in 1997 under Belgian Law with offices in Brussels, London and Barcelona.

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