BIG – Expo Shanghai 2010 – The Danish Pavillion

Oct 20 •

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BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group won the competition of designing and creating the danish pavillion for the Expo Shanghai 2010.

It is designed as a big double-helixshaped string - which throw the visitor from the ground - through the shape - 20 meteres up in the air - and down again. It is a journey of ecological picnics, by foot or bike, playgrounds etc.

The whole builiding is supplied with bikelanes and citybikes for the visitors - in the center of the pavillion it is a pool with water from the harbour of Copenhagen. You can take a swim - watch the national treasure that illustrate the fairytale of H.C. Andersen with the same name, the sculpture of the little Mermaid, made by Edvard Eriksen (1913). The people of Denmark is debating about the issues of moving the sculpture to Shanghai.

The winning project is focusing on the relation between Denmark and China, and are capturing many positive elements, that the chinese are relating with Denmark.

It is a pavillion with sustainable solutions - danish solutions in the climate - and energyarea.




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