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Prezi has been founded by Adam Somlai-Fischer and Peter Halacsy. Adam, an artist and graphic designer had been building flash navigations mostly for architecture firms or science education sites since 2000. He explored a lot of spatial ideas. Using these models he started giving his talks the same way and slowly developed a simple workflow:

1. Throw in all the bits of info i need to talk about (ideas, media)
2. Develop my narrative by layout – not completely as a mind map, but more as a design-layout process, clustering, scaling, etc.
3. Then preform the talk from this map by zooming and rotating around.

As he, and computer scientist partner Peter Halacsy managed to sell many large project using this technique, and more and more friends borrowed the original flash file, they started to develop an editor, which becomes the WYSIYWG model for zooming / panning. And with scale one can really give depth to the presentation. By this time – the startup company has been founded.


Design thinking
We believe the core of our venture is to help people become better at using design thinking for their ideas – to be able to use visual thinking to develop them. We know its a long shot but this is our direction nevertheless.

Our goal is not to add features, but eliminate most so its as intuitive as possible when people arrange their ideas, texts, media, and develop a narrative. Much like doing that on a coffee table.

And finally, who we are
We are a small company from Budapest, a dozen dedicated young professional from coders to designers.  Initiators: Peter Halacsy, a computer scientist who teaches at the department of media studies and communications, Adam Somlai-Fischer an emerging artist / designer (one of the New York based ID magazine’s top 40 youngsters worldwide)

Some more Press links about Prezi:
Prezi on YouTube:

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